Your mum is cooking dinner. Saddened by the amount of leftover and not wanting it to go to waste, she tasked you the job to give it all away to your neighbours.

You, who was just minding your own business watching cartoons. You who your mum have told many times to not talk to strangers. But yet, you have no right to deny the request. 

Armed with limited skills of communication, meet all the quirky and creepy neighbours to finish the task before your mum finish you first...literally.

Created for SCREAM JAM 2021 by:

  • Realmpact - Programmer
  • Skekarin - Artist, Writer and Games Designer


The WebGL version of the game is meant for users who are not using a Windows machine. For the best experience, we would recommend downloading the Windows version instead.


  • Help! I cannot show the leftovers!
    • Press Q during the prompt to show leftovers to continue the conversation as if you showed it.

Install instructions


  1. Download
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
  3. Run Leftovers.exe to play.

Non-Mobile Platforms

  1. Click on 'Run Game' and simply wait for the WebGL version to load.
  2. If the game does not run at all, we would appreciate if you could:
    1. Open your browser options and either screenshot or copy down any error messages and share with us so that we can either help advise or fix an issue in the game. Also state what browser you are using.
      1. Google Chrome/Edge - Click on the three dots on the top right hand corner, go to More Tools -> Developer Tools and open the Console tab.
      2. Firefox -> Click on the three dots on the top right hand corner, go to More Tools -> Web Developer Tools and open the Console tab.
      3. Opera -> Click on the Opera Icon on the top left hand corner, go to Developer -> Developer Tools and open the Console tab.
    2. If there is no error message, then it is probably taking a long time to load.


Download 33 MB

Development log


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Very cool idea, it reminds me to don't talk to strangers, and great plot twist at the end, I really liked it 




Damn can't imagine the trauma that kid is going through.
Nice game btw, love the idea!


Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! THIS was what I was looking to play!


That was twisted in so many ways.


I really enjoyed this and its art, I hope to see more from you in the future and I hope you have luck in the future 

the story is amazing and scary 


hi hi! I loved your game! I really liked the art style and story it had! I wasn't expecting to get jumpscared like I did lol. Awesome job all around! I also recorded my walkthrough of the game!


Damn this is actually so well made, I really enjoyed playing this, though the music feels repetitive it's still very nice! +1


What are we feeding people? Great game!

This game now works for me and the q button thing is very good! I have enjoyed playing this game a lot and am excited to see whatever you work on next whether that be the webtoon, another update, or another game! One more thing though, is there a discord community centered around this game?

Hello, thank you for the patience and support. Glad you finally get to enjoy the game! And nope, no such discord community has been created. Maybe once we have built a bigger brand for ourselves in the future.


Won't include any spoilers.

Loved the game! The music and art style creates a really creepy atmosphere, I always get tense and anxious every time because I don't know what's going to happen next. Would say I was concerned about the people's sanity though. Thought there would be jump scares but there weren't any (in a good way - I'm not a big fan of jump scares). Definitely got my heart racing! I haven't had that feeling in a while XD Plot is great, the controls are nice and it's generally good overall. 

If you're looking for a bit of fear and an interesting (and mysterious) story, this game is perfect! To those who may be cautious, worried or scared about playing this game: do try it out if you feel comfortable enough to, it isn't too scary but will get your adrenaline pumping. 

Well done to the creators & keep making awesome games! <3

Thank you for the reviews and recommendation. We really appreciate it and glad that you thoroughly enjoyed it! Keep a look out for any of our future projects!


so fun to play and I was so lucky to escape the lady, especially after I returned the food and the bully got in the way.


make a pt 2 this game is so good


very good game 


MOM HIDE! wait? ... no don't hide. GREANDMA IM COMING WITH MORE FOOD! good game

Hey DEV, really enjoyed your game and the design of the world, some creepy stuff ngl, I made a video on it with some audio design added to it.


brooo, the scream of that woman is creepyyyy


Loved this! Great art style and those neighbours were all horrifying in their own ways! Good job! (Game starts at 16:39)


That was crazy, i loved the style of using drawn cutouts against a 3d enviorment. And the story was tense and exciting, wonderful job! Are you planning on making more?


Amazing! ❤️



Why are you stubbornly using ZIP? 

7-ZIP is better. 

Creates a smaller file which gives faster and economical transfer and reduces the load on the servers and takes up less disk space.


I loved this! From the art style, to the very diverse cast that is in this game. Each character really shines through and you feel very vulnerable the whole game! The chase scene was fun too! Plot twist at the end was awesome too! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Here’s my play through 

dang its cool tho


Cool story and great game,characters is made really creepy and unique 5\5

(1 edit) (+1)

Your game is very amazing and definitely deserved to win this year's scream jam! However, it seems that when I hold and right click, it doesn't work for me. Maybe you can try adding more settings where I can change the controls so I can give the food to the people? I hope your game becomes more popular too as it is REALLY good! 

Hello, thank you very much for the compliments! Just want to clarify, does this mean that you never managed to progress through the game?

(2 edits)

Yep, I never managed to progress through the game though I saw a video of it and ever since I saw that video, I wanted to try this game out for myself! This game is still getting updates  too which me and others really appreciate! It would be awesome if there would be some way to resolve my issue though! 

(2 edits)

Sorry for the issue! Could you give us more information?

  • Were you playing the Windows or WebGL version?
  • Does the issue persist even after restarting the game?
  • Just to confirm, is the first time you found out about the issue the moment the prompt to hold right click appears when talking to the Old Lady?

I was playing both versions and they both didn't work for me. The issue is still persisting even after restarting the game. This issue was found out after I tried talking to the old lady and realized I couldn't show her the food. 

(2 edits)

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what is causing the issue. I am wondering if it is either:

  • Hardware Issue on your end
  • Different Screen Resolution which hid the leftover animations and since you could not see it, you might have released the right mouse button before the animation was completed.
  • Somehow, you got out of the house without picking up the bag of leftovers.

So I updated both versions of the game with a cheat button. Press 'Q' during the prompt for leftovers to continue the conversation as if you showed the leftovers. Hope that this helps! 

Hello. I sent a message on Mr(s). or Ms. Skekarin's twitter, but please let me comment here too.

Thank you very much for this splendid masterpiece. This game just showed me the realistic fear about the ugly aspect of humans with putting me in the perspective of a small boy.    

By the way, I guess Japanese players will surely like this game if it adds the Japanese subtitles. I am myself Japanese, and one of my hobbies is translating English games. If possible, I would like to help you with translating.  Actually I have already translated most of the in-game messages,  so I would be able to send you the translation anytime you like.   If you are interested,  it would be appreciated if you could reply in twitter or to this comment when you have enough time.

Best Regards,     Moka

Hello MokaTranslation,

  Unfortunately, due to this being our first game (and also a quick one since it's for a game jam) , we did not factor in the flexibility of switching languages in our system. 

However, if we were to make anymore games in the future, this would highly likely be part of our future pipeline. If so, we would gladly accept the help to implement this. 

Until then, drop us a link to your previous work that you have helped translated as we are excited to see how far your hobby has reached so far.

Best Regards,

Mr Skekarin

I have translated some online io .games.



・ (Already sent the translation, and now am waiting the dev to add)

・ (Already made a promise with the dev to translate, and now am waiting for the dev to prepare for the translation)

In some of these, I used the name "J'avo" or "Javo", but since this is a name of a creature in CAPCOM's Resident Evil 6, I am feeling the necessity to use the name "Moka", in order to avoid possible issues.

If you join the Discord communities of these games,  I can prove that J'avo=Moka.

Besides, I have helped a Japanese "VTuber" streamer with my translation. Check out the stream archives below, where I left the translation comment with the name "ジュアヴォ(*Japanese way to spell J'avo)."

Especially,  in  the "Find Yourself" stream, I succeeded to support him effectively. 

Of course, I am very willing to support you for free. No money or privilege is required. The honor of being able to support your masterpiece will be the greatest reward than anything else.

Honestly, I am more used to Discord, so it would be appreciated if you could send me messages in the DM of discord(you will find me in the Discord servers of the io games above), so that I will notice soon.

Have a nice day,  Moka

(1 edit)

WAIT did i break the game at the end?? ...The game is awesome though.

Hello, yeap, that was a previous bug that we managed to fixed in the latest update. Sorry that you had to see that embarrassment.

hi ... no no it was great you see i just started YouTube ... i have no audience or actual subs yet ... i really had fun testing out all the mechanics, what an amazing game... Great work really!!

It's the first game in this video. I like this game!

i really liked the camera aspected mechanics and id really like to try it in vr but its certified a+ bussin 

Неофициальный русский перевод, да..

 interesting game. a lot of bizarre character.

(1 edit)

good game 


The low speed of the camera, even after making it the highest possible on the menu, bothered me, but if it's intended for some reason please ignore this. The game is really great, the mix of 3d and 2d made it very visually original and interesting. Amazing art and atmosphere, indeed creepy

i think its intended to be slow because youre a child 


bro , i played the game and loved it . but im still quiet puzzeled aboout who thsese ppl r , like when the lady in the 6th floor left door to the stairs asks us to come in , what does she do to us??? Love your work by the way and cant wait for another of ur developement, and if possible  need to get in touch with you bruh!


Hello, glad you loved the game. If you wish to get in touch with us, you may voice it out here. Otherwise, i'm mostly available on instagram with the same username i'm using now on itch.

i do believe she touches you 


This was a really well crafted game, I got immersed into it very quickly and loved the story that was unfolding in the game. Thank you for making this, I would love to see more games with this kind of style in the future, keep up the incredible work! 

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed our game!


32 bits version please 


This was super cool! I am obsessed with the graphics! Highly recommend this short game!!! so fun!

Thank you for playing! I enjoyed your playthrough!



Good for you

thank you 

i- whatever


Such a cool game! Great artwork, and a creepy feeling throughout, loved it.

Check out my video :)


i like the story
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