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every one is just an aweful person

i spent way too long trying to remember which floor the dude with the dog was on to return the dog food


çok teşekkürler

I had my suspicions at the middle of my playthrough but wow I did not expect that ending! I really like the art style of the game and the concept is really interesting

any one got a ET for a basic playthru of this

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Great Game atmosphere, sounds and gameplay. Overall great game that I would Recommend! 

The video has all my reactions so enjoy! Channel: ttps://

frickin awesome man


I like this game a lot cause it's short, sweet, and to the point. The art style and characters are memorable and creepy, most of them feel unique and aren't just copy pasted from each other. I missed the "good" ending though I assume, where you go and bring dog food to one of the neighbours. I'm  not really sure if that changes anything or not, just assuming. I also called the cannibalism pretty early :P 

Nice Manga.

Very creepy. The art was very well done and the story was top tier creativity.

Had a mini-heart attack during chase scene


Knees weak arms are heavy, delivering moms spghetti to a

mommy next door

getting chased by a hot tall neighbor?okay


I saw Daz games play your game and let me be honest, it sent shivers down my spine. good job!



Historia MACABRA como voce nunca viu! Assista!


Really enjoyed this - Loved the style and creepiness  of it x

really fun!


It was neatorito burrito, love your artstyle and the overall idea of the game!

Very Excellent Game! Loved The Art Style! Pretty Cool Little Game! Thanks for The Experience, I really enjoyed it!

absolutely adored this game! :)

this game is amazing! Really well made. I love the deign of it most of all, check this out if you seem interested in it! Won’t be disappointed…great work creator!

Here’s my video if you’re interested in watching


got to the end without going back to mommy


did the mom kill the dad?

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bruh .-. , I think so



The art style was my favorite part of the game!! But I played it twice to go through the options and figuring out YOU CAN DIE was horrifying! and that woman who invited you in...I was caught off guard!  Oh my gosh! 

I know right- I get the feeling she didn't let him 'rest' that much, it was very off putting


ok... this game scared me. Mom is a killer??? what happened to the father? epic!!


Mom cooked dad and gave it to the neighbours. Next time you kill someone, you do the same.


Can we get a sequal to this game it is epic 


i absulautly love this game! its so creative even tho when she was chasing me i got scared lolz- but it was quite fun! lots of love !! 10/10 game!!!


schon schaurige Atmosphäre 

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Really good story, but it could use some more scary moments. All in all very good.

I loved that 

i had so much fun with this game, loved the story too!

Uh oh-

i did not expect it to be the dad 0p0

Unique gameplay with an intriguing backstory and characters. It was unsettling to go through each door. Good game.

I got some twilight zone surrealness vibes from this, and I loved it!


This IS Called True CREATIVITY. These Guys Know How To Make A Story Game In Short Time.BTW Loved The Vibe Of The Game And The Graphics! Keep Making.


i had a lot of fun playing this game all the way through.  as the player descended each floor and interacted with a variety of characters while offering them leftovers for free, the background soundtrack became increasingly menacing and unsettling. it made me cringe and smile. xD

the door that was open caught me completely off guard because it was so unsettling to see a door leading into the dark.  seeing these characters and how they responded to the leftovers was entertaining to watch, in addition to the well-done creepy atmosphere. the characters all had various personalities, which truly made the game more alive!

i have no complaints, but jeez, i want to know how the game ends! does our mother win or does that lady? who knows...

anyway, thank you for making a game that was so quick and enjoyable! i love the story's artstyle and plot, it was extremely nicely done. when making games, please keep in mind to take frequent breaks and avoid becoming overworked! <3


fun game really enjoyed it :)


I really loved this game! And because of that I was wondering if this game has a Discord server or a community chat where interaction could be more direct :D
Ty and great game

Hello! Thank you for the appreciation! Unfortunately we do not have a Discord server / community chat. However, if you do wish to have a more direct interaction, you can find me mostly "active" on my instagram - SKEKARIN. Or on twitter, under the same name, if that's a better alternative for you. Thank you!

Thank you so much!!!

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