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loved the artstyle, loved the game. great work!

Yahu ben kamerayı hareket etdiremiyom

The game is awesome, it's fire. Thank you so much.

Just got the game and i havent beat it once and im already getting chills amazing game

how can we donate? i dont have much but i think this game deserves at least 5 dollars

Thanks for wanting to donate, but we're not taking any money for this. But we do appreciate if you let more people know about this game and follow me on instagram - @Skekarin

eu to apenas tremendo com medo ansiedado no medio e feliz pq passei da ultima mulher de primeira (aquele velho da faca me matou umas 139182738164873618 vezes pqp) obrigada por isso jogo do capetinha❤

gostei muito jogo soft  mds eu acho que a mulher amante na vdd do pai dele matou ele e matou e abusou do filho por raiva nn sei mais esse jogo foi muito bom.....

Obrigado por jogar

This is sooo good! On my first try I think I got a successful ending where my mom gets what she wanted since I did what I was told, second play was me trying to see what happens if I pick the wrong choices, ended with the mom getting so mad and dissappointed lol. One thing though, on my second play, the musty girl with huge tits on floor 6 i think, when i said yes to her offer, I thought she was gonna eat/kill me or something but i think she harassed the boy instead and probably sexually assaulted the boy? Like broooo tf.


Nice stuff. This was my first time playing but i knew it felt familiar and turns out i watched a playthrough of it a while ago. Here's my vid on it feel free to check it out!


I want part 2 :) very good


W A$$ Game Wasn't Ready At The End Shortie Was Bad TOO. LOL By Far One Of The Most Interesting and Dope Ahh  Horror Games I've Played So Far. GG Keep It Up 

This entire "sentence" or "review" is cancer.


That was surprisingly scary

This game is VILE and yet so simple and effective 

I like to say that this was a very interesting horror game, a little challenging! It is an amazing game 10/10!

muy buen juego 

le doy 9/10

could someone recommend me more games like this ??!!!!

So simple yet so creepy, i loved it

Great job!  This game has several disturbing endings and even the true ending is not something to have a good nights sleep after.

the ending had me stressed

I loved it, you did a great work!

Is that an eyeball in the soup?!?! | Leftovers

I freaking loved this game. The art, the story, the creepiness it was all amazing I would love to play another game like this keep up the great work!!


ROGDAGOD plays "Leftovers". (watch before playing)

Nice game,no ghost,no blood,no dead。But very spooky

This was an interesting short story.

bende mi yolsa oyunda mi sıkıntı var anlamadım oyuna girme tuşuna basınca bir ekran çıkıyor ve oyunun asıl ekranı açılmıyor baya uzun süre bekledim ama sonuç değişmedi??

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i cant play bc i dont have a mouse and it never works when i try to right click on my touchpad :(

I cant log on it takes so long

这是我做的游戏的主线的视频:【恐怖游戏】回答陌生人的问题会变得不幸_单机游戏热门视频 (


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I've been delaying playing your game just in a huge backlog but what a lovely game! Meeting each neighbor and seeing their creepy attitudes was spooky! Anyways here's my video with some other games - 


Loved it!

32 biti çıkar mı taş devrinden kalma bilgisayarım varda



every one is just an aweful person

i spent way too long trying to remember which floor the dude with the dog was on to return the dog food

omg same, did you found it?

Thankfully yes but only after 30 minutes and a Google search lol

what happened when u did ? pls tell me i tried to so hard and couldnt find anything T-T

I don't think anything happens. I returned the dog food and completed the game as normal as if I have never even done it 

if you give them the dog food the girl from school blocks your path and the chase at the end but that's it I think


çok teşekkürler

I had my suspicions at the middle of my playthrough but wow I did not expect that ending! I really like the art style of the game and the concept is really interesting

any one got a ET for a basic playthru of this

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Great Game atmosphere, sounds and gameplay. Overall great game that I would Recommend! 

The video has all my reactions so enjoy! Channel: ttps://

frickin awesome man



I like this game a lot cause it's short, sweet, and to the point. The art style and characters are memorable and creepy, most of them feel unique and aren't just copy pasted from each other. I missed the "good" ending though I assume, where you go and bring dog food to one of the neighbours. I'm  not really sure if that changes anything or not, just assuming. I also called the cannibalism pretty early :P 

Nice Manga.
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